Playlist Vendredi 14 Février 2020

Playlist Vendredi 14 Février 2020


Nous retrouvons tous les vendredis soirs de 20h à 21h, DJ Zebra, en live sur Virage Radio ! 
On vous propose de découvrir la tracklisting de DJ Zebra de ce Vendredi 14 Février 2020.

  • PHIL COLLINS "Mama" vs. TOMOYASU HOTEI "Battle without honor or humanity" (Flying White Dots bootleg)
  • KT TUNSTALL "Black horse and the cherry tree" vs. EELS "Souljacker part 1" (DJ Zebra bootleg)
  • SLOY "pop" vs. FATBOY SLIM "Gangsta trippin" (DJ Zebra bootleg) 
  • STEVIE WONDER "Superstition" vs. WIRED ALL WRONG (Aggro 1 bootleg) 
  • EMF "Unbelievable" - DIONYSOS "Le retour de Bloody Betty" vs. EMF (DJ Zebra bootleg)
  • FIDLAR "Almost free"
  • JUST JACK "Writers block" vs. CARDIGANS "Lovefool" vs. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE "Sexyback" (DJ Zebra)
  • TAHITI 80 "Changes" vs. THE CLASH "The magnificent seven" (DJ Zebra)
  • YAZOO "Don't go" vs. THE CLASH (Copycat)
  • PEACHES "Fuck the pain away" vs. INFADELS "Can't get enough" vs. BLUR (DJ Moule)
  • DAFT PUNK "Harder better faster stronger"
  • THE GOSSIP "Listen up" (The Black Ghosts remix)
  • THE CLASH "This is Radio Clash" (Dunproofin remix)
  • DUFFY "Mercy" (Dunproofin's thankful mix)
  • AMADOU & MARIAM "La réalité" vs. BLUR "Girls and boys" (DJ Zebra)
  • RADIO 4 "Dance to the underground" vs. DEPECHE MODE "Master and servant" (DJ Zebra)
  • ARCADE FIRE "Rebellion (lies)"
  • ARCADE FIRE vs. YES "Owner of a lonely heart" (Party Ben)
  • WHO MADE WHO "Satisfaction"
  • DEAD 60's "Riot radio"
  • KATERINE "Excuse moi" vs. DEAD 60's (DJ Zebra)
  • TWEET "Oops" vs. DEAD 60's (Party Ben)

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