Playlist Vendredi 31 Janvier 2020

Playlist Vendredi 31 Janvier 2020


Nous retrouvons tous les vendredis soirs de 20h à 21h, DJ Zebra, en live sur Virage Radio ! 
On vous propose de découvrir la tracklisting de DJ Zebra de ce Vendredi 31 Janvier 2020.


  • ROLLING STONES "Sympathy for the devil vs. NIRVANA "Smells like teen spirit" vs. QUEEN "Another one bites the dust" (DJ Moule bootleg)  
  • CALVIN HARRIS "Merrymaking at my place"
  • SCISSOR SISTERS "Comfortably numb" (acapella)
  • M "Machistador" vs EMINEM "Without me" vs. KELIS "Trick me" vs. LOUISE ATTAQUE "Si c'était hier" (DJ Zebra bootleg)
  • CAPTAIN SENSIBLE "Wot" (DJ Zebra remix)
  • THE CLASH "The magnificent seven"
  • BOOTLEGGERS UNITED "Funk in the sky" (bootleg) - THE HEAVY "That kind of man"
  • DIAM'S "Ma France ˆ moi" vs. RADIOHEAD "Paranoid android" (DJ Zebra bootleg)
  • BERES HAMMOND "I'm in love" vs. GAINSBOURG & BIRKIN "Je t'aime moi non plus" vs. BOB MARLEY "Mr Brown" vs. SOULFUL DYNAMICS (El Barto & Liam B bootleg)
  • WEEZER "Beverly Hills"
  • STEVE MILLER BAND "The joker"
  • THE BEATLES "Girl / Run for your life" vs. BLACK EYED PEAS "Let's get it started" (Loo & Placido bootleg)
  • BREEDERS "Cannonball" vs. MAARS "Pump up the volume" (DJ Zebra bootleg)
  • THE BANGLES "Walk like an egyptian" vs. BREEDERS (DJ Moule bootleg)
  • THE BEATLES "A day in the life" vs. RADIOHEAD "Karma police" (Go Home Productions bootleg)
  • MORCHEEBA "World looking in" vs. TRAVIS "Sing" (Go Home Productions bootleg)
  • OASIS "Go let it out" - JACKSON 5 "Never can say goodbye" (acapella)
  • FEIST "I feel it all" - SEAN KINGSTON "Beautiful girls" vs. THE POLICE "Every breath you take" (Mighty Mike bootleg)
  • BEN E KING "Stand by me" vs. HOT CHIP "Ready for the floor" (Copycat bootleg)

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